Awesome Cottage Images

Cottage images – Cottages present a sense of pleasant comfort and charm. Made of natural vegetable and mineral pigments, traditional cottage colors were often gray tinted. These old, tired gray have been replaced in the modern summer house with more vibrant gray tones. Lighter, cheerier colors in sunny yellow, lime greens, fresh oranges and Sky […]

Amazing French Cottage Style

It’s simple to give your home French cottage style using the colors found in the homes of French country people. These colors tend to be brave and characterize the French landscape. Find the colors of French cottage style in the French countryside. The residents of the French country are very attached to their country, and […]

Amazing Cottage Designs

The exterior color of cottage designs houses is made of neutral pigments that had been extracted from vegetables and minerals. These exterior finishes fade over time, giving them a relaxed, sun-bleached look. Recently, cabins have been covered in every shade from shades of white to light pastels. When a cottage house has a balcony as […]

Amazing Cottage Windows

If you plan to build your home, you have time to ask the architect to stop and think about the cottage windows. The design of windows in our house is not an easy task, we have to think about the security that they provide us, but also about the lighting and ventilation that they will […]

Amazing English Cottages

The interior of the English cottages was typically small, with warren-like floor plans. These diminutive rooms lent themselves to a significant amount of comfort, where comfort and functionality were more important than aesthetics. Cast-off furniture and repurposed items were a big part of the decor in these humble homes. Based on these rustic beginnings an […]

Awesome Craftsman Cottage

If you want a stress-free, informal interior for your home, go with craftsman cottage style. This style combines dated and modern elements, but all emphasize comfort over design. The key to creating this mood in your home is to keep the relaxation and peace of mind when making choices. When you figure out what pieces […]

Beautiful Swedish Cottage

Swedish cottage style is warm and inviting, reminiscent of French land and shabby chic design. The style includes vintage pieces, casual floral textiles, distressed furniture and rustic elements. Cottage style includes many different looks, from an enchanting garden hideaway to an airy beach home. Create a simple yet elegant style using natural elements such as […]

Amazing Cottage Front Doors

Cottage front doors – The facade of a house is not complete until it defines what the entrance door will be. More and more the rustic is imposed, not only in the rural environment but also in urban environments where the reminiscence for the traditional becomes a matter of style. Thus, we find rustic elements […]

Amazing Summer Cottage

Summer cottage – To transform the home in summer, simply implement some simple changes. You must focus on aspects such as light, pastel colors or white, freshness, open air and cleanliness. Your interior design can help you get this feeling in your home. Use natural features in the coastal environment to emphasize your home. Hand-blown […]

Amazing Victorian Cottage

Victorian cottage – Whether your home is in a coastal seaside community, at the shores of a lake or in the middle of suburban suburbs, you can use several design ideas to give your interior space a distinctive summerhouse feel. The house style is characterized by bright colors and comfortable, relaxed surroundings. Often there are […]