Awesome Cottage Decor

An additional space in the garden is always comfortable and building a wooden garden cottage decor by itself is not very complicated, you just have to follow these little tips. Wood is a very resistant material with which you can do almost everything. It is suitable for both internal construction and external to your home. […]

Amazing Cottage Plans

Do you have dream to make cottage plans? There are many people who when imagining the home of their dreams project a large palace. However, others know that not necessarily a smaller house can be less pleasant and can even feel more cozy, warm and sophisticated if they apply the appropriate design criteria in order […]

Amazing English Cottage

English cottage is enjoying a beautiful place outdoors is often the dream of many people who are daily submerged in the stress of the city. However an excellent alternative is to have a comfortable cabin away from the chaos and sonic pollution that exists. Building a cabin is usually not as complicated as it usually […]

Amazing Small Cottage Plans

Do you want to have small cottage plans? The main attraction of small cottage plans is its environment and sharing with nature. Therefore, the house can be small, which ensures convenience and comfort. Anyone who enjoys life in the countryside seeks direct and intense contact with nature and the rural environment. In this country house, […]

Awesome Small Cottage House Plans

Do you have small cottage house plans? Because the cottage is made exclusively of wood, they are a good renewable resource for the environment and cheap for homeowners. Following the same steps and changing the brand of the house, the cabins can be built as small or large as desired. Choose a piece of land […]

Beautiful Cottage Homes

The basic procedure to build cottage homes, although of course this is not such a simple job so if you are thinking of carrying out a construction of such magnitude.  Although generally the cottage are built directly on the surface of the earth making a base of rock and logs, the most advisable is to […]

Amazing Cottage Style Homes

How to build a simple cottage style homes? Many people live a life where work dominates their day to day, being the time to go home the most quiet and relaxing moment that a person can have. But apart from being relaxing, a house. It must also be pleasant, beautiful and elegant, which is why […]

Amazing Beach Cottage

Do you dream to build beach cottage? The small cottage has an original structure that combines bamboo, wooden trunks and roofs with clay tiles, integrates perfectly into the natural environment, both for the material and the shapes, reminding us of some riparian rustic constructions, let’s see the space of relaxation oriented towards the sea. In […]

Amazing Cottage House Plans

Do you dream of building cottage house plans? Build your own summerhouse it may sound like an unrealistic dream. But in fact, it is certain within the scope of the options if you follow our simple instructions and build the house in small bites.  Perhaps you are dreaming about a day to build your own […]

Amazing Nottingham Cottage

Are you considering building Nottingham cottage? Here you have the opportunity to participate in the cottage building how much or little you want to participate in the process is up to you. There can be a lot of money to save if you want to participate in the construction of the cottage. Whether you choose […]