Amazing Stone Cottages

Even old or partially demolished, the stone cottages have an attraction or singular charm, about which few can say that they do not notice it.  The enduring is given by the material and to a large extent the same conditions the shape of the house.  Combining the inert with the living and with diverse elements […]

Amazing Cottage Chandelier

Cottage chandelier – The lighting of our home is very important because thanks to it can perform tasks, depending on which room we are in, or create a pleasant and comfortable environment in which we are comfortable. As furniture can change places, or sometimes you buy new ones that replace the older ones, also lighting […]

Amazing Blue Cottage

Do you want to decorate blue cottage? Blue is a color that brings a lot of play in the decoration, and not only for the color itself, but for the emotions and sensations that it transmits. The decoration that is based on the blue is a modern, youthful, relaxing decoration. The good thing about this […]

Awesome Cottage Dining Table

Best ideas to decorate the cottage dining table. It is about giving a rustic touch using different elements such as crockery, napkins or decorative accessories. It is a rustic style table with a somewhat modern and contemporary look. You begin with the decoration of this rustic style table, with the table itself. It is a […]

Awesome Cottage Home Furniture

You want to decor cottage home furniture. When it comes to escaping from the rhythm of life that we lead in the city many will think beach and others, we think of a place in the countryside surrounded by green and fresh air. With the saturation of beach houses on the coast, many people consider […]

Awesome Modular Cottage Homes

Modular cottage homes are great idea. Simple and easy to build also tend to be quite economical. It is an intelligent solution for many. There are many advantages to choosing a prefabricated system for a house. The most interesting is the speed of construction, manufacturing times are cut significantly, lowering costs. Prefabrication is an advance […]

Beautiful Red Brick Cottage

The red brick cottage leaves the entrance of the house charming and with a rustic air. This material can be on the walls giving them an interesting appearance. Another option is to use coatings that imitate the blocks. Flexible, the brick combines with almost all types of coatings, without generating annoying contrasts and can also […]

Cottage Bedroom Ideas Decor

To decorate your cottage bedroom ideas with rustic charm, invite sights and textures from outside into your home. If you love rustic, country style, decorate your bedroom with elements from nature, natural looking elements and outdoor people pieces. Create a neutral blank board. Painting bedroom walls with neutral or earthy colors. Use neutral tones like […]

Awesome Cottage Images

Cottage images – Cottages present a sense of pleasant comfort and charm. Made of natural vegetable and mineral pigments, traditional cottage colors were often gray tinted. These old, tired gray have been replaced in the modern summer house with more vibrant gray tones. Lighter, cheerier colors in sunny yellow, lime greens, fresh oranges and Sky […]

Amazing Small Cottage Floor Plans

The solid small cottage floor plans is one of the most resistant floors, gives a very different finish to the other floors as the veins have unrepeatable patterns. Solid wood floors are not the laminate floor made with pressed wood, or the engineering floor that is made up of several layers of wood, it is […]