Amazing Modern Cottage House Plans

Modern cottage house plans decoration has a consistent design fundamentally to create a casual and casual home environment. This construction basically also applies to decorating a cottage in a modern style. What distinguishes a modern cottage is how to converge and customize traditional cottage styles with what’s new and modern. Take inventory of items that […]

Amazing Thatched Roof Cottage

Thatched roof cottage – We can see clear modern elements in the facade, apart from the roof. The masonry walls and the large glass windows provide depth and combine very well with that gigantic thatched roof that give a rustic and traditional touch that simply cannot be overlooked. In some contexts, straw may be seen […]

Amazing Cottage Bathrooms

Cottage bathrooms – The house looks evokes a cozy, welcoming charm in any room. Although you may not think of your bathroom as a room, you can decorate it to the same extent as you decorate the other rooms in your home. It’s not as difficult as it sounds. By using a few vintage pieces […]

Amazing Cottage Bedroom Furniture

Cottage bedroom furniture decoration is about mixing and matching patterns and furniture styles. Floral design, especially those featuring roses, is a daily sight in the cottage decor and is especially home in a true cottage. Feel free to mix rose patterns in textiles, wall coverings, art and window treatments or let one or two rose […]

Amazing Cottage Style Kitchen

Cottage style kitchen design ideas induce the smell of fresh bread and earth colors. A decoration house located in Texas, takes their keywords from earlier times, and is ideal for French country home interior. Expresses a style with attention to shapes, textures and casual style, the decor of the French tradition has no limits, and […]

Amazing French Cottage Style

It’s simple to give your home French cottage style using the colors found in the homes of French country people. These colors tend to be brave and characterize the French landscape. Find the colors of French cottage style in the French countryside. The residents of the French country are very attached to their country, and […]

Amazing Cottage Designs

The exterior color of cottage designs houses is made of neutral pigments that had been extracted from vegetables and minerals. These exterior finishes fade over time, giving them a relaxed, sun-bleached look. Recently, cabins have been covered in every shade from shades of white to light pastels. When a cottage house has a balcony as […]

Awesome Cottage Sofa Ideas

Cottage sofa will add a crisp, sophisticated look to your living room. Navy blue, very like black, complements a variety of neutral shades, such as white, taupe and cream. You can also mix navy with lighter colors, like yellow, red and coral, depending on the look you go for and the living room decor theme. […]

Amazing Cottage Windows

If you plan to build your home, you have time to ask the architect to stop and think about the cottage windows. The design of windows in our house is not an easy task, we have to think about the security that they provide us, but also about the lighting and ventilation that they will […]

Amazing French Cottage Decor

The French are a clever folk who knows how to make the most of what they have. Applied to the decor, this talent is what gives their cabins distinctiveness and charm. Giving your home the warmth of a French cottage decor is easier and cheaper than you might think. French cottage interior design is more […]